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Affordable Tax Prep & Bookkeeping Services

Affordable Tax Prep & Bookkeeping Services


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About Us

Affordable Tax Prep & Bookkeeping Services, LLC., offers tax preparation and bookkeeping services that are affordable to everyone who needs to file a tax return. We know what it is like to be on a budget. We know it can be frustrating to pay someone to help you file your taxes—especially when you pay the outrageous fees that some tax preparation companies charge. Some charge even more depending on the size of your tax refund. At Affordable Tax Prep & Bookkeeping Services, we believe you should get much more individual attention to your financial needs than the big companies offer, for a price that doesn’t make you say “Ouch!” We offer our same high-quality, affordable service to small businesses as well as individuals. We know that good preparation for small businesses at tax time requires good bookkeeping all through the fiscal year. However, in this tough economy, small business budgets are tight. Not all of them can afford to hire an in-house bookkeeper, adding to their payroll tax and workmen’s compensation load. Let the books slip for just one month, though, and the chances of missed errors—particularly the costly ones that can make it to the company’s tax return—go way up.


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