Idaho Arts Charter School




Idaho Arts Charter School's mission is to develop students with the academic achievements, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in elementary, middle and secondary school, and to be offered a post-secondary education and satisfying employment. Additionally, the school seeks to inspire students and develop artistic talents, attitudes and skills in students, promoting lifelong avocation in arts areas. The school seeks to develop an educated citizenry for the 21st century through academic programs, centered around a diverse arts curriculum, using focused investigations. Students gain skills and abilities through a curriculum based heavily in music, drama, visual arts and dance. Students will develop personal habits and attitudes that lead to accepting responsibility for personal decisions and actions; academic honesty and the ability to face challenges with courage and integrity; a healthy lifestyle; empathy and courtesy for others; respect for differences among people and cultures; self-confidence and willingness to risk setbacks in order to learn; and the ability to work cooperatively with others.


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