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Life of A Dojo Master

Much-Needed Documentary for These Uncertain Times: Tom Dale - Former Mayor of Nampa, Idaho

In this Martial Arts documentary, set in the city of Nampa, Idaho, Kung Fu Master Cosmo Zimik is touching the lives of juveniles and young adults through a very unorthodox way of teaching martial arts and tough discipline.

In the end, the lives of these juveniles are transformed through tough physical and mental training and shown the love of God. You will hear stories of individuals who have had their lives changed under the leadership and discipline of Master Cosmo.

Story Summary/Synopsis:

Life of a Kung Fu Master” is the story of Master Cosmo Zimik’s life in Nampa, Idaho. You will see how this jungle boy from the remote region of Northeast, India settled in Nampa to find his role in transforming lives. In this documentary, you will see what it takes to be a master in all aspects of life. With his edgy attitude and unpredictability, you never know what is next on the agenda. The camera will follow Master Cosmo before the rooster’s crow to late nights of restlessness and insomnia. His mind is always thinking of the next idea and plan to help those around him overcome hardship and struggles in life. This is one man’s path you would be thankful to watch.

Living with purpose and the grace of God, Master Cosmo has found a way to be refreshing to a dying generation. The saying is true that – 'the truth will set you free' and that message is important to people today. Living without fear and on borrowed time from God, Master Cosmo does not hold back to spare your feelings because it is your feelings and your understanding that has you put in the position that you are in now. Whether it is meeting with a community leader, a homeless person or ‘At Risk Youth’, he is always encouraging and speaking the truth with positive but tough words into people’s lives. Part of the reason he meets so many people is that his business is downtown and he walks around looking for people from all walks of life, seeking to help them. Master Cosmo is brutally honest and does not worry about being politically correct but focuses on telling people the truth on how they can live such a different, positive, and purposeful life. There is more to Life than the daily regular routine of eat, sleep and poop. In this documentary, you will see the power of living intentionally and with purpose, no matter how small the action is. This documentary is for everyone. From those struggling to pay the bills, for those who may be homeless or even a successful businessperson.

This journey starts about 12 years ago when he opened his dojo in a warehouse in Nampa, Idaho for juvenile and at-risk youth by taking out his retirement money with a penalty. His teaching of Kung Fu and Muay Thai began with the hope to train juveniles and young adults to be warriors of this generation. One of his first clients was a young man from a gang background, headed towards prison and maybe even death, if he had not met Master Cosmo. Cosmo challenged this kid to come to the dojo and work out with him. No matter how big the task or how hard the workout was this kid just kept coming back. He was a tough kid and was looking for validation and a family that actually showed interest in his future. He was looking for someone who cared whether or not he was on the streets or in a safe place staying out of trouble. Shortly after meeting Cosmo, this kid's life started becoming more positive. He was too busy in the dojo training in Muay Thai kickboxing and thus had less time to spend on the streets. As time progressed this boy started setting goals for himself. First, he received his driver’s license, got a job, and GED. He has been working a stable job for over 3 years and has been promoted a few times. Cosmo saw a future and hope in this kid when no one else did. This boy was already written off in society as a delinquent and had no hope for reform or change. A person only needs one person who believes in them and for this kid, it was Cosmo. Master Cosmo has seen the transformation of this young man right before his eyes. He spent time with him and did not just lecture him. Master Cosmo donated more than just his time, he also paid for this young man to travel to Thailand two times to train and fight. While there, this young man won 2 Muay Thai bouts. This young man also became an undefeated Muay Thai Champion in Idaho, Utah, Washington. He is now giving back to the community and is also teaching at At-Risk Youth Thai Kickboxing for free, without any pay, to give thanks to Cosmo and his wife Sarah for all they have done for him.

Master Cosmo continually seeks to help someone and there is no place too scary or unfamiliar. Whether he is visiting the parks, homeless shelters, schools, community, churches, or even the gang territory, Master Cosmo walks in such confidence and purpose that he lives without fear just so he may have an opportunity to change someone’s life. He is always keeping his eyes out for the person who may need a helping hand. To serve the people and bring change in the community, it takes a special kind of character and by watching this documentary you will see that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

These are just a couple examples of what Master Cosmo has done for many youth and young adults in their life in the US and around the world.

His leadership and fearless attitude have impacted many kids, youth, and young adult lives. Some going back to school from street life and others obtaining their GED or continuing their school to get a diploma and graduate. From a purposeless life on the streets to having big dreams of working jobs that are to be considered some of the best, Master Cosmo has students who have become good working citizens, Law Enforcement agents, Swat Team members, military personal, Instructors, personal trainers, and community leaders.

At the end of this documentary, people will be touched and inspired to do something for someone in their community.

Conclusion - This documentary will be inspiring to watch as COVID-19 has hit the world so hard, both financially and emotionally, and it will bring a positive outlook that will, not only inspire people, but challenge them to take action in their community.

Sifu (Master) Cosmo Zimik ,   #208 230 0959

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